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Strenghtening the OAC team in marketing and communications

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

At the end of November, a new marketing and communication specialist, Susanna Takamaa, started in the OAC team. Takamaa comes to the company from the non profit organization field, where during the last five years she has been responsible for, among other things, the development, planning and implementation of communication in various channels, from social media to traditional print media.

- Great to become part of the OAC team! The woods is close to my heart, so anything that promotes people's desire to spend time in nature interests me, Takamaa states. Takamaa, who previously was the Organization Manager of the Finnish Reserve Officers' Federation, says that she enjoys spending time outdoors, from mushroom picking to snowboarding.

-Running has been my own individual sport for almost my entire adult life, mainly easy jogging with music in my headphones. So from OAC's promoted sports trail running is a familiar thing, but without a doubt, thanks to this work, climbing has also become interesting!

The Master of Social Sciences has gained communication and marketing experience mainly by learning on the job. Takamaa mentions writing as her strength, but over the years she has also worked with photography and graphic design as well.

-The camera is almost always with me. It's fun to challenge yourself by thinking about how best to capture the message you want in the picture, says Takamaa. -Whether it's a product, an atmosphere or an ideology.

In terms of tasks at OAC, Takamaa expects to design new product marketing packages, strengthen the company's communication, and tell OAC's story to both consumers and partners.

- As an active reserve officer of the Finnish Defence Forces, Finland holds a reasonably strong value for me, says Takamaa. -Finnish success stories such as the OAC should be brought out, told about! Especially as the world becomes more and more unstable, it is important to know that you can find know-how, high-quality work, jobs and companies operating in terms of security of supply nearby.

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