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OAC Finland's New Factory Set to Bring More Growth to Kangasala

OAC Finland, known for its Skinbased™ skis and sliding snowshoes, has received a building permit for their new factory in Kangasala, Finland. The new plant will greatly increase the firm’s production capacity and provide many new jobs.

OAC Finlandin uusi tehdashalli on moninkertaisesti nykyisiä tuotantotiloja suurempi. Havainnekuva: Sevendim Oy / Mirva Mehtonen
The new factory will be many times larger than the current production facilities. Illustration: Sevendim Oy / Mirva Mehtonen

New factory plan receives building permit

The Finnish family business, OAC Finland, has grown rapidly over the past year. In an effort to continue the momentum, the firm plans to build a new production factory. The building permit for the plant was obtained at the beginning of October, and construction will begin in the spring of 2022. The factory will be located in Lentola, a commercial business area in Kangasala, Finland. The project has regional significance, as it will multiply the brand’s production capacity and, in turn, create more jobs in the area.

“Demand for our products has grown year by year. As a result, we have increased our production capacity and hired new employees, but the current premises are no longer sufficient for our growing needs. We decided to start the construction of a new factory so that we could better meet both domestic and international demand, ”says Miika Vuorio, CEO of OAC Finland.

The new factory will have modern office and product development facilities, as well as a production line that takes into account both current and future needs. The workspaces for the handcrafting stages will also be improved. Significant investments are being made in both robotics and ecological manufacturing methods, among other things. The new facility will also allow all company branches to be under the same roof, enabling seamless collaboration between different teams.

New jobs and local excellence

OAC Finland currently employs 44 people. The number of employees has nearly doubled in the past year. Additional experts and future product creators are constantly being sought out. The company’s goal is to continue its local growth and become one of the area's most important employers, offering interesting jobs where people have the opportunity to develop into a top expert in the field.

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